Test Security Procedures

Test Security Procedures

Inaddition to state test security procedures and the district's testpolicy, the following procedures shall be observed in the administrationof tests and in handling of test materials at the school buildinglevel:

1. The Principal may serve as the test coordinator or may appoint a certificated staff member to serve as the test coordinator.

2.Immediately upon receipt of test materials, the principal/testcoordinator shall verify that the quantities of materials receivedcorrespond with the quantities of materials shipped. Discrepanciesshould be reported immediately to the Division of Instruction (388-8403 ext. 131).

3. After verification, the principal/test coordinator shall ensure that all test materials are stored in a locked room, which is accessible to only the principal/test coordinator.

4.The principal/test coordinator shall ensure that test administratorshave reviewed instructions for test administration and procedures fortest security prior to the administration of the test.

5. Test contents may not be previewed prior to test administration.

6.The principal/test coordinator shall issue test materials to testadministrators and shall be responsible for maintaining records whichindicate the quantity, serial numbers (if applicable), and the time testmaterials are issued to and received from test administrators.

7.Only the principal, the test coordinator, and test administrators shallhave access to the test materials. Test materials shall not be handledin any way by students except in the actual taking of the tests.

8.The principal/test coordinator should appoint and train proctors toassist test administrators in completing demographics, ensuring thatstudents are on the appropriate subtest and appropriate area of theanswer sheet, monitoring during testing, and distributing and collectingtest materials from students.

9.The principal/test coordinator shall develop a school testadministration schedule within the specified testing dates and shallensure that tests are administered according to the testing schedule anddirections provided.

10. Test booklets shall be distributed to test administrators at the latest practical time prior to test administration. The earliest time that test booklets may be distributed is on the first day of testing at your school. Testbooklets and manuals must remain at school at all times. Schoolpersonnel are not permitted to take test booklets, manuals, or answersheets from the school for any reason (other than returning them to theDivision of Instruction).

11.Test materials shall not be left unattended at any time. If anemergency requires the test administrator's absence from the testingroom, another responsible adult shall be left in charge.

12. Immediately upon completion of testing for the day,test administrators must personally return all test booklets, usedscratch paper, manuals, and answer sheets to the test coordinator orprincipal. The principal or test coordinator must immediatelyverify that the quantity of test materials issued was the same as thequantity returned by the test administrator and must immediately secureall test materials which were returned. The test coordinator shalldestroy all used scratch paper.

13. Test materials and test items may not be copied or reproduced in any manner. (This includes rearranging or paraphrasing test items).

14. Test administrators shall monitor students closely during testing sessions to prevent copying and other forms of cheating.

15.During testing sessions students may not be permitted to use notes,calculators, reference materials, or any kind of foreign languagetranslation devices. (Students may use calculators on Part 2 of the TCAPAchievement Test and on the Tennessee High School Subject MatterAssessments in math.

16. No persons shall aid test takers in obtaining correct answers.

17.The room in which the test is administered must be free of referencematerials, such as maps, instructional posters, or bulletin boardmaterials which contain information likely to aid students on the test.

18.Persons observing any violations of test security are directed toreport them immediately to the Division of Instruction (388-8403 ext.131).

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