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      New Students

      • No New Student Enrollment Monday August 1st. 

        New Student Enrollment Sessions: 9AM Daily (Beginning TUES AUG 2nd) 

        Welcome to SHHS! During our 9AM Orientation you will learn about our school, meet with a counselor, and pick your classes.

        We know you and your student are anxious about starting a new school which is why we set aside an hour every day to make this a positive experience for your family. If you come after 9:15, we will most likely not be able to accommodate you as our office is always working hard to meet the needs of our students.  Please return at 9AM. If you cannot make this time, please make an appointment with your student’s counselor.   We often are unable to answer the phone or return phone calls in a timely manner, so for the quickest response, please email us.  

        Steps to New Student Enrollment:
        1.  Create a ParentVue Account:  Create an account & Register Here 
        2. Upload Enrollment Documents or bring them during orientation to make copies for your student's file.
        • Birth Certificate
        • Social Security Card
        • 3 address proofs that you live in our zone
        • Shot Records on TN card- available at Maury County health department
        • Custody papers (if applicable)
        • Copy of student's transcript (if available)
        1.  Attend New Student Enrollment Session at 9 AM (on rare occasions counselors are out of the office.  If this happens on your visit, our clerk can get you started on registration and we will welcome your student the following day at 8 AM.)

        School Counselors:

        Last Names A-G:  Jodie Grenead  jgrenead@mauryk12.org 

        Last Names H-O:  Justin Glenn  jglenn@mauryk12.org 

        Last Names P-Z:   Stefanie Smith  ssmith2@mauryk12.org 


        Need your ParentVue Access Information?  STUDENT VUE/PARENT VUE ACCESS
        Steps to Creating a StudentVue or ParentVue Account.  You should have activated your account when registering your student.  If not the process is as follows:
        1.  Get and Activation Key by requesting it from the Access link above.
        2.  Activate your Account here:  https://psv-maury.tnk12.gov/mau/PXP2_Login.aspx  
          2. You should not put the Activation Key in the Username and Password.  You need to "Activate" the account first.

        1. Download the App on your phone or use the website.  Links to the app can be found on the activation page.
        2. Log in using the Username and Password you created when you activated the account.
        Getting Locked Out?  If your account is disabled, it is often because an old password may be autofilling in your mobile app.  Shut down the app completely and try again with the reset password you received when you filled out the Access form at the top of this page.  For further help, contact cbennett@mauryk12.org

      Upcoming Events

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