Whitthorne Middle School

We are Motivated for Success!

District Policies

  • District Policies

    WMS will follow and enforce all district policies including dress code policy 6.310 and cell phone policy 6.312. Both policies can be referenced below. All students must abide by these policies. Per policy, no bare midriffs are allowed, and tops will not reveal cleavage. Ripped, cut, or torn clothing may be worn as long as there is a layer of fabric or patches underneath. All electronic devices must be stored in the students' backpack while at school. If there is an emergency and you need to contact your student, please call the school office. Our students need to focus on academics while at school instead of being distracted by cell phones and other electronic devices. Thank you for your cooperation.


      • WMS Logo

                        We are Motivated for Success          





      WMS Way


        The Whitthorne Way outlines how our TIGERS can be READY, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE in all areas of the school building and in their behaviors and academic choices. 

        WMS Way

        As our TIGERS exemplify The Whitthorne Way, it helps them to become the portrait of a motivated and successful Whitthorne Middle School student.


        WMS Success

      Vision and Mission

      • Whitthorne Middle School Vision and Mission

        At Whitthorne Middle School- We are motivated for success. An academically motivated and successful WMS student shows they are READY by self-advocating, being goal oriented, and moving forward; RESPECTFUL by showing social intelligence, promoting diversity, and valuing education of self and others, and RESPONSIBLE by having a growth mindset, showing integrity, effort, and perseverance.