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Setting all students on a pathway for success. 


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      • Principal Mrs. Joanna SchmidtBattle Creek Elementary School Vision: 

        Setting all students on a pathway for success.  

        Battle Creek Elementary School Mission: 

        Battle Creek Elementary is an innovative collaborative community where all learning is connected to solving real world problems using communication, creativity, critical thinking, and character building.  

        Our Core Values: 

        At BCES, we believe that: 

        • All individuals are worthy of respect and dignity. 
        • All individuals thrive in a culture that is positive, welcoming, and nurturing. 
        • All students are capable of learning at high levels. 
        • Collaboration is essential for all students to learn at high levels. 
        • It is honorable and valuable to ask questions, take risks, embrace challenges, and learn through mistakes and failures. 


      Car Riders

      • Car rider reminders


        • Morning drop-off begins at 7:30 in the morning. Children should remain in the vehicle until a teacher/staff is present at the drop-off location.
        • Encourage your child to be ready to exit as soon as the car is completely stopped. If more time is needed, please circle around the loop.
        • Children should exit/enter the vehicle from the passenger side of the vehicle.
        • All cars should remain in a single line in front of the drop-off/pick-up location. We appreciate your patience when our youngest Cubs take a little extra time. 
        • The side gate leading to the car rider line will close at 8:10. If the gate is closed when you pull in, please park in the front and walk your child to the front door.


        • Cars may line up as early as 2:45, but you must be in line before 3:30 pm.  
        • By now all families should have car tags. If you do not have your car tag, you will be asked to park and report to the front office with a valid photo ID to sign out your child.
        •  If your child is in the car rider area but does not hear his/her name called, you will be asked to pull to the side until your child can be called again.


        • Whether in the morning or afternoon, cars must yield to buses. 
        • Please be patient with our staff who are working in the car lines. If you have a question, complaint, or suggestion about arrival and dismissal procedures, please address those to Mrs. Duncan or Mrs. Estes.

      STEM Code

      • Cubs STEM Code



        The JetPack Program provides nutritious, non-perishable food to children each weekend
        during the school year. If your family is in need of food assistance, please let us help. Our schools
        provide high standards and very challenging academic goals for our children. To succeed, students
        must be ready to learn. Adequate nutrition—fuel for the mind—is essential. Having adequate food on
        the weekend helps a child succeed in the classroom on Monday.

        Each student who participates in the JetPack program will receive a packet of food at the end of each
        week containing basics for breakfast and lunch for Saturday and Sunday, plus snacks! Information
        collected on the registration form, including the names of children participating, is kept confidential
        between The Well and the school. The food is provided at no cost to you or your child. The JetPack
        program at each campus is a cooperative effort of The Well Outreach, your school, and the
        sponsoring organizations that fund and pack the bags.

        If you would like your child to receive Jetpacks, please use the QR code below to register.
        Simply use the camera mode on any smartphone, aim it at the QR code, and the link will
        appear on your phone screen. Click the link and register! If you do not have access to a smart
        device, please fill out the form on the back page and submit it to your child’s school.
        Please submit a separate registration for each child in your household. Thank you!!

        Jetpack QR Code

        What is Well Outreach?

        The Well Outreach is a non-profit that provides food to families in need in Williamson and Maury Counties. If your family is in need of food, The Well can support you in three different ways. First is through the Jetpack program,, where we can provide your child with food on the weekends distributed at their school on Fridays. The second is through our local food pantry, where you can receive groceries twice each month, including fresh produce, dairy, and frozen meat. The third way is through our monthly mobile food pantries, where we distribute 20,000lbs of food to our surrounding communities with our partner, Second Harvest Food Bank of Nashville.
        For information about The Well, please visit our website, where we have dates for our Mobile Food Pantries and further information about our services.

        Spring Hill Pantry Hours
        Tues / Wed /Thurs: 10am - 2pm & 6pm - 8pm
        Saturday: 10am - 2pm
        The Well Outreach
        5306 Main Street
        Spring Hill, TN
        (615) 302-9355

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