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Our vision is to create self-driven achievers who are independent and innovative thinkers


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      Mission & Vision

      • BCMS Mission

        Our Mission (The What: tied to what we do every day—what students will recite daily):

        Battle Creek Middle School is a community where social, emotional, and character growth is the focus; and academic, athletic, and artistic excellence is the result.

        Our Vision (The Why: tied to the ultimate outcome in the future) 
        At BCMS, our vision is to create self-driven achievers who are independent and innovative thinkers, collaborate well with others, and serve their communities with integrity and compassion.

        The BCMS Values help us provide each person in our community with an innovative and nurturing environment to empower exploration through collaboration and inspiration. (The How: our “litmus test” to make sure our thoughts, words, actions, and decisions are in line with our core principles)

        We intentionally foster an environment where all families feel loved, respected, and included as part of our community.

        We are committed to grow in kindness, empathy, and service of others, both within and outside the school community.

        We honor honesty, fairness, justice, and sportsmanship above winning and achievement; how we accomplish our tasks is more important than shortcutting our way to the top.

        Giving up isn’t an option, and mistakes are fine here. We learn from our mistakes and grow from them; and if our goals are worthy, we keep working until we reach them.

        Celebration is our mantra; the only real obstacle we have is a negative attitude.

        We are in charge of our destinies. We are accountable for our own actions and reactions.

        Questions are the essence of discovery; thus, experiences are designed to enhance, rather than squelch, inquisitiveness.

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