Maury County Public School’s Parent/Family Engagement Plan

  • familyThe Parent/Family Engagement Plan is designed to help schools carry out the goals and objectives of the Maury County Board of Education’s Parent/Family Engagement Policy 6.2091. Each school is responsible for forming strong partnerships between home and school that includes increased communication, participation of families, parent training and decision-making opportunities for families.

    Action steps will include but not be limited to:

            I.  District and schools will improve communication efforts with families which will include but not be limited to:

    1. newsletters
    2. academic progress reports
    3. school activity calendars
    4. communication on discipline, attendance, and homework
    5. provide all communication in an understandable format and to the extent practicable, in a language parents can understand
    6. invite parents to open houses, parent nights, applicable staff development, programs, and meetings which are designed to address specific needs.


    1. District and schools will appoint Family Advisory Councils to participate in TSIP and TSCPP development and evaluation of parent involvement plans.Parent involvement will be embedded in both TSIP and TSCPP.
    2. Revise district and school websites to be family friendly (i.e. Parent resource Section, curriculum, Calendar of Events, etc.)
    3. Inform parents of the accessibility of all policies and information as required by law:

            a.   District Policies on district website
            b.   District Handbook distributed to parents and on district website
            c.   School Handbooks

      V.        District will provide information to parents concerning the course of study        

      for their children :

      1. District Handbook
      2. Parent/teacher conferences will be held during school year where the course of study will be discussed
      3. For parents of Special Education students, an IEP will be designed for that child’s course of study
      4. For 504 students, a parent meeting will be held to determine that child’s course of study
      5. On district website, there will be links to all the adopted book series as well as the state standards

        VI.       All Title I schools will comply with No Child Left Behind Act
        VII.      The district will coordinate and integrate parent involvement strategies
        With Head Start, Reading First, and public and state-run preschools
        VIII.    Participation of All Parents

    1. All schools follow IDEA rules and regulations in regard to parents with disabilities
    2. Non-English speaking parents will be provided with communication in an understandable format and to the extent practicable, in a language parents can understand
    3. Parents of students in transition will be provided the same opportunities as other parents