• College Visit/Job Shadowing Form- Juniors and Seniors may use up to 2 of these forms a year to visit a college during a school day.

    Dual Enrollment- Dual Enrollment is when high school juniors and seniors take college classes, earning both high school and college credit.  

    Students must meet the qualifications set by the college to dual enroll whether that is a 3.6 GPA or have a 19 ACT score in English or Math.

    It is important to know that many out-of-state and most highly selective colleges will not transfer dual enrollment credit.

    The TN Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) offers a grant that covers the tuition for 5 classes.  Students will have to pay for books and additional fees.  Beginning with course 6, the grant will cover a smaller portion of the tuition for classes.  

    It is imperative that the student takes ownership of the dual enrollment process from the beginning.  Students are enrolling in a college course and need to be responsible enough to complete the application process, register for the course, and maintain their college and high school schedules.  In addition, the student should be the one to communicate with the instructor and seek assistance when needed.

    Steps to Dual Enrollment

    These steps and links can be found on the Columbia State Website:  https://www.columbiastate.edu/admissions/become-a-student/high-school-student/dual-enrollment.html

    1. Apply to be a dual enrollment student at Columbia State

    2. Complete the college's Dual Enrollment Consent form and turn in to your school counselor.

    College Planning Guides: https://www.collegefortn.org/next-guides/


    next guide freshmen

    next guide sophomores

    next guide seniors  




    2023-2024 College Application & Application Fee Waiver Toolkit  The Tennessee Higher Education Commission has partnered with Tennessee higher education institutions to provide college application instructional videos.  These videos, created by Tennessee colleges, walk students step-by-step through each college's application process.  The Video link will open the college's instructional video.  The Application link will bring you to the college's admissions application or website.  To celebrate Tennessee College Application and Exploration Month, manyu institutions are offering application fee waivers during September.  Fee waiver dates are listed along with any code that might be needed.

    Be sure to check back regularly as more schools and videos may be added during September. Here is the link to the resource page:  https://www.collegefortn.org/tn-college-application-exploration-month/


    College & Career Planning Activities & Events


    Senior Parent Night

    Senior Meetings with Grad Coach/Counselor


    Senior ACT Retake

    PSAT (10th & 11th)

    ASVAB career assessment

    Junior College Fair at Columbia State


    FAFSA/Financial Aid Workshop (if available)


    Seniors' 7th Semester transcripts verified and Top 10 Seniors Announced


    Course Requests for next school year

    8th Grade High School Orientation


    Junior ACT

    Senior Experience Day

    8th Grade Night for Parents/Guardians


    EOC Testing Begins


    EOC Testing Continues

    AP Testing

    Senior Awards Night