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  •  2020 Hall of Fame Announcement

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    Hall of Fame Inductees

    The Central High School Sports Hall of Fame will include individual players, teams, coaches, administrators, and citizens whose contributions have enhanced the athletic programs at CHS. Selection to the Columbia Central Sports Hall of Fame requires direct involvement with Columbia Central High School athletics.

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    To be honored with induction, nominees must meet at least three of the following criteria:

    • Outstanding athletic achievement
    • Individual recognition and honors (All Conference, Area, State, etc.)
    • Inspirational achievement
    • Contributions to a team’s success or the overall athletic program’s success
    • Outstanding character
    • Exemplary student-athlete
    • Positive contribution to the community
    • Athletes will NOT be eligible for induction until 10 years after graduation from CHS.
    • Individual staff members (coaches, administrators, etc.) will acquire immediate eligibility upon cessation of athletic duties at CHS.

    Hall of Fame Board Members:

    Vance Belew
    Randy Bratton
    Garland Brown
    Wesley Bryant
    Bernard Childress
    Keith Crawford
    David Collie
    Wilbur Davis
    DaQuin Goff
    Marc Higdon
    Hanna Johnson
    Wanda Lane
    Sonny Lee
    Chaz Molder
    David Murphy
    Charlie Norman
    Drew Parker
    Chris Poynter
    Molly Shepard
    Michael Steele
    Yvette Sweeney
    David Williamson
    Ray Wilson