How the Program Works

Student Account

When enrolled, each student is given a Personal Identification Number or PIN number. This PIN number will remain the same as long as the student stays enrolled in the district. This number will remain the same throughout their time at Maury County Public Schools. To access their lunch account, the students will be asked by the cashier to type in the last 4 of their PIN number. They will do this on a device located on the cashier stand.

Students can purchase their breakfast, lunch and any ala carte items. If parents would like limitations put onto their child’s account i.e. “ice cream only on Fridays”, all they need to do is submit a request to the School  Café Manager.

What makes a Meal?

Maury County Public Schools participates in the Offer vs. Serve Program for all grade levels. This is a USDA program which allows students to choose what they would like to eat. The meals are broken down into components and the students are required to take a certain number of components to have the meal qualify as a lunch or breakfast.


For the student’s choices to count as a breakfast, the student must choose a minimum of three food items, one of them has to be a fruit or vegetable. There is a maximum of four food items that a student may choose for breakfast. None of the items may be duplicates.


There are 5 components that make up a “School Lunch”:

  • One Entree – Protein
  • A Serving of Vegetables
  • A Serving of Fruits
  • A serving of Grains
  • One Milk or Juice

For your child’s lunch tray to count as a “School Lunch” they must select at least 3 different food components, they can always take all 5 of the components if they choose to.
If you child only chooses to take the minimum amount of components, one of the items MUST be a fruit or vegetable.

Depositing Monies into an Account

You can do this a few different ways:

  • Through our on-line payment system,
  • By sending a check. If you choose this method, please make sure to include your child’s legal name and their lunch account number
  • Although we can accept cash payments, we do not recommend sending cash to school with your child

Lunch Meal Loans

Child Nutrition is a self supporting enterprise within Maury County Public Schools.
Directed by the School Board, Child Nutrition must maintain a responsible financial approach in its operation to remain self-supporting. Extending lunch loans to the 12,000 plus students within the district can unduly burden the department, jeopardizing it’s ability to serve all district students.

We encourage all parents to take an active role in monitoring their child’s lunch account. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your child’s account to cover all purchases.

Maury County Public School charge policy is as follows:

Elementary school students may charge up to five (5) days.
Middle school students may charge up to two (2) days.
High school students may charge up to one (1) days. 

Towards the end of the year, ours schools put in place a “No Charge” policy, for this reason, we encourage parents to make sure they have plenty of money in their child’s lunch accounts to cover all meals until the end of the school year.

Negative balance alerts will be emailed to the parents on a weekly basis. Please make sure that you keep your personal contact information updated with the school.

We encourage all parents to monitor their child’s account on a weekly basis. You can do this through several methods.

1. Using the on-line system, 

2. Download App -               
  Apple   Google

3. Contact your school’s café manager.

4. Contact our School Nutrition Office.

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