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  • About MCPS

    Maury County Public Schools (MCPS) is a pre-K through 12 school district in Southern Middle Tennessee, operating 21 schools, one virtual academy, one non-traditional high school, and one alternative school. MCPS employs over 900 teachers and 500 staff members serving over 13,000 students. 

    Our mission: We will provide the educational instruction, tools, and environment for every child to succeed in LIFE as Life-long Learners, Independent Thinkers, Fearless Innovators, and Exemplary Citizens.
    Our vision: Educating every child for LIFE!

    District Organizational Charts:
    Instruction Department
    Operations Department
    Teaching and Learning
    Special Populations
    Student Services
    Federal Programs
    Career and Technical

    Accessibility Statement

    Maury County Public Schools has many partners throughout the county at the district and each school. We appreciate the time, support, energy, care, donations, and all the ways you demonstrate support for our schools and the district. 

    Public Records Request - complete the Public Records Request form and return it to Chief Human Resources Officer Jennifer Garrard via email or to 501 West 8th Street, Columbia TN 38401