School Counselor

  • Kelly Lusk

    The mission of Mt. Pleasant Elementary School’s Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program, focusing on academic, personal/social and career development within a dedicated, nurturing and supportive environment, so that all students achieve success in school and are prepared to be productive members of an ever-changing society.                            

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    My name is Kelly Lusk.  I have been at Mt. Pleasant Elementary since 1993.  I have taught third and fourth grade and am in the position of school counselor. I am also the RTI2-B Coordinator. I live in Mt. Pleasant and love being a part of this community and school. 

    Services Provided by the School Counselor

    Classroom Guidance-Once a month
    Small Groups- Groups starting in October
    Individual Counseling for students
    504 Coordinator

    Monthly Character Traits

    We work on these in Classroom Guidance
    August: Be Respectful
    September: Be Responsible
    October: Be Brave
    November: Be Thankful
    December: Be Caring
    January: Be Fair
    February: Be Trustworthy
    March: Be Honest
    April: Be Strong
    May: Be a Friend

    Contact Information:
    Email: | Phone: 379-5040 ex. 3503

    Referral Form: Go to, then to the Counseling and Mental Health page under the Students/Parents tab.