• Open Enrollment

    Parents/Guardians seeking to attend an out-of-zone school will need to do the following: 

    1. Complete the out-of-zone form and submit it to the requested OOZ school. These may be picked up at any MCPS school or from the MCPS website.
    2. Complete/update online registration for the school currently attending beginning March 15th. Check the field that indicates if an OOZ request has been completed and for what school, but they will register for their zoned school.
    3. Students currently at an out-of-zone school still must complete/update online registration for the school they are currently enrolled in as well as complete the out-of- zone request for the school they are currently at even though they are grandfathered in.
    4. All out-of-zone forms must be turned into their requested out-of-zone school during the month of April (communication will be sent during the month of March leading up to the open enrollment window).
    5. Out-of-zone request will be denied if all required documentation is not received/completed (such as proofs of residency) during the open enrollment window.
    6. A lottery will be held for any grade level where requests exceed capacity. For example, if there are 5 spaces available and 10 requests, names will be drawn and the 1st 5 will be accepted and the remaining names will be drawn to determine placement on a waiting list. (The list will not be reviewed for space availability until after the 20-day count of the 23-24 school year) This is to allow for increases in enrollment due to new residential growth during the summer break.
    7. If a school has zero grade level space available, a lottery will still be held where there are requests to determine placement on a waiting list.
    8. School lotteries will be held between Tues. May 3rd and Wed. May 11th.
      Parents/Guardians may attend but is not required.

    22-23 Current and Projected Enrollment (View PDF file)22-23 Current and Projected Enrollment

    23-24 Public Grade Level Space Available (View PDF file)
    23-24 Public Grade Level Space Available

    23-24 Open Enrollment Registration Form