• History of H. O. Porter School

    College Hill School, erected in 1885, was the elementary and high school for the African American community in Columbia, Tennessee, during the era of segregation. Although it received less than its fair share of material resources, it was graced with outstanding principals and teachers. Two of the most notable principals were Professor J. H. Kelly and Professor Robert Johnson, father of the civil rights leader Lyman Johnson.

    Horace O. Porter School 1937

    In 2006, the school was named in memory of Mr. Horace O. Porter, who was hired as a teacher at College Hill in 1937. He served in this position until 1979, when he retired, having spent a total of 42 years at this school.


    Horace O Porter Photo
    Horace O. Porter

    Mr. Porter graduated from College Hill School and earned his bachelor of science degree from Tennessee A & I State University in history and social science. He was very active in the community, was well-loved, and fondly remembered by former students and members of the College Hill staff.

    This school has contributed much to our town since its establishment by helping African Americans get a quality education in the past and providing students today with an opportunity to learn in a structured environment while addressing their behavior.

    There is also a scholarship program provided by the Horace O.Porter Association that helps students achieve their dreams of going to college. The Horace O. Porter Scholarship Program is open to all seniors of Maury County Schools who wish to apply for the rewards. School guidance counselors at all Maury County Public Schools should be contacted for details.