Northfield Academy

  • Our school is a public non-traditional high school that offers academic success to students who need:

    • An individualized path and speed to graduation
    • A way to gain more credits at a faster pace
    • Flexible hours so school, family, and employment obligations can be successfully meshed together
    • A small, more personal, family-like setting
    • Instruction completed through a blend of a small group, one-on-one, and independent teaching/learning
    • A more mature learning environment

    Our school offers successful graduates the same Tennessee diploma that is given at traditional high schools. There are as many reasons why a student chooses Northfield Academy. Some of these reasons may include:

    • Retained in elementary and middle school causing a student to become an "older" high school student
    • Early high school academic deficiencies that cause graduation problems
    • Frequent family moves which cause difficulties in transferring credits from other countries, states, and districts
    • Personal problems which include difficult family situations, becoming a parent, and the need to work
    • Health and emotional issues
    • Personality not fitting into the traditional student body environment
    • The need to complete high school so that moving into the next phase of life can be faster than in a traditional school

    Our school believes that successful graduation is obtained through a close, trusting relationship among student, parent/ guardians, and school staff.

    Our school believes in meeting each student where he/she is in academics and in life to help everyone grow, mature, and find success.  We believe the past is the past; and, with a positive working attitude, we believe in many chances to make it right.  The staff is here to give help all the way to graduation.


    School Hours

    Because Northfield Academy is part of the Maury County school system, we have the same calendar days as the traditional schools.  However, our school hours are from 7:30 to 4:00.  We also adhere to the same schedule during bad weather and other special day exceptions as do the traditional schools. 

    Please feel free to call anytime you have questions--school: 931-381-1468.