Virtual Academy of Maury County

  • Virtual Academy of Maury County is for Grades 7-12
    To learn how to apply, email Luemma McWilliams or call her office at 931-381-1468.

    Mission Statement: To provide a high-quality, rigorous, and virtually-based education that provides the skills and knowledge to empower students to be college and career ready.

    Vision and Beliefs: Maury County Virtual School (MCVS) is dedicated to a partnership for developing the educational, social, and ethical facets of the students we serve.
    We are committed to our vision of teaching and learning.

    Students will:

      • Accept responsibility for their learning and progress while setting goals and meeting deadlines.
      • Develop valuable research, analysis, and communication skills that will allow them to become college and career ready.
      • Engage in peer mentoring to benefit the entire group.
      • Foster an atmosphere of acceptance and develop a community of learners focused on completing graduation requirements.

    Teachers will:

      • Provide quality, consistent, and timely feedback to students and parents focused on preparing students for graduation.
      • Ensure student access to both technological and academic assistance whenever requested.
      • Consistently seek ways to improve curriculum and other available resources.

    School will:

      • Provide technology-based instruction building on self-directed thinking and problem-solving skills for college and career readiness.
      • Provide the opportunity and environment to accommodate the needs of all students of Maury County Schools.
      • Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment in which students work towards meeting graduation requirements.

    Parents/Community will:

      • Benefit from increased graduation rates, student achievement, and college and career-ready students.
      • See growth in population and economic opportunities due to optional educational programs.

    School Calendar: MCVS follows the school calendar of Maury County Schools.

    Non-discrimination Policy:

    It is the policy of the Maury County School system not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, or disability in its educational programs or activities.
    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Information regarding the rights afforded to parents/guardians and students over age 18 is provided upon request.