• School Success Starts with Attendance

    Absences From School

    If a student is absent all day, part of the day or from any class, student must bring a dated note explaining the absence.  The note must be signed by a parent/guardian.  If the student has a doctor/dental appointment, the note must be on letterhead, have the doctor/dentist’s name and time of the appointment.  All notes must be turned in to the school office.  All notes will be reviewed and may be verified with doctor/dental office.  The note will be kept in the student’s attendance file.  Students must be present at least 3.5 hours (11:20am) to be counted present for the entire school day.

    •  Excuse notes must be submitted within five (5) days of absence.
    •  Funeral notes must include either funeral card or an obituary of an immediate family member (parents, grandparents, siblings).  Administrators may make exceptions.
    •  Parents may only excuse five (5) days per semester with a written note. 10 per year.
    •  Notes may be emailed to mrshamburg@mauryk12.org

    Parent Notes For Absences Or Tardies

    •  Must include student’s full name (not a nickname or only first name).
    •  Must include date(s) student was absent .
    •  Must include reason student was absent.
    •  Must have parent/guardian signature and valid phone number to verify if necessary.
    •  One student per note.  Please do not include two or more students on one note.  We must have a separate note for each student’s file.
    •  Each day absent will equal one parent excuse (limit 5 per semester).

    Tardy To School

    A student is expected to be on time to school and to class and be seated in his/her desk in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.

    • Students who are tardy to school must sign in through the front office to get a tardy slip.
    • Doctor, Court, funeral, etc. notes accepted for a tardy
    • 4 Unexcused tardies: will equal one unexcused absence and will be applied to the Truancy Tiered Intervention process.
    • Tardy count for truancy starts over each semester (See MCPS Board Policy 6.200)

    School Level Consequences For Tardies  (Per Quarter)

    • Every 3 Unexcused:  One day silent ISS lunch

    Early Dismissal

    • Parent/Guardian or listed emergency contact must come into the school office to sign a student out. Valid photo ID will be required to enter the building.
    • Students will not be released unless the adult is on the approved contact/release to list.
    • No early dismissals after 2:15pm unless the adult has a doctor's appointment card to show cause per MCPS board policy.

    MCPS Progressive Truancy Intervention Plan

    Prior to referral to juvenile court, the following progressive truancy intervention plan will be implemented:

    • Tier I:  All students begin the school year in Tier I; Attendance Expectations Letter is sent to parent/guardian the first week of school; attendance clerk will make contact with the parent/guardian at 3 unexcused absences.
    • Tier II starts at 5 Unexcused Absences and includes the following: Conference with student and parent; attendance contract; regularly scheduled follow-up meeting to discuss the student’s progress; an individualized assessment detailing reasons for absences and, if necessary, referral to counseling, community-based services, or other services to address the student’s attendance problems, if necessary.
    • Tier III shall be implemented if the truancy interventions in Tier II are unsuccessful and may consist of one or more of the following: school-based community services; participation in a school-based restorative justice program; referral to a school-based teen court; or Saturday or after-school courses designed to improve attendance and behavior.
    • 12 unexcused absences or failure to comply with the  Progressive Truancy Intervention Plan at the school level will result in referral to the District Truancy Review Board and a petition to Juvenile Court.

    Student Contact Information

    It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to complete the student registration/contact form with valid information so that we may contact you regarding any school-related issues. No phone calls, emails or notes will be accepted to change contact information.  For the safety of your student, parent/guardian MUST make changes in person in the school office.  Photo ID will be required.