Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Reopening Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Who is getting a computer device?
A:  Currently, all 5th-12th graders should have access to a MCPS issued device.  We are still working to get PK-4 devices.

Q: How will the district ensure social distancing in a large numbers classes? 
A: Since every school’s floorplan is different, this has been left up to the individual schools.  With the option of 100% Remote Learning, class sizes may be reduced to help with social distancing.

Q: What will School Aged Child Care (Boys & Girls Club of Maury County) look like? 
A: Although additional protocols will be in place to protect children and staff from COVID-19, Boys & Girls Clubs will still include daily homework help, tutoring, healthy lifestyles programming, character and leadership development programs, job readiness preparation, fun and safe physical fitness and social recreation, and all the other programs parents and children know and love in the Club's three priority outcome areas of Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, and Good Character & Citizenship.  Clubs have been operating sites for the children of essential workers since April 6th, during the Stay at Home order, as well as all summer.  Throughout this time, Club staff have developed fun and safe modified programming to align with the three priority outcomes and support MCPS academic goals.  For more information, visit the Club's website at

Q: Will students be able to share supplies? 
A:  Schools are working to limit sharing of supplies, but that’s a school level decision.

Q: How will extended absences due to COVID-19 or other situations be handled?
A: Students will be transitioned to remote learning. Students are counted present if they are able to complete school work daily.  


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Q: When will students be issued a device?
A: The current expected delivery time frame is between the last week of August and September 7th.

Q: What grades will be issued devices?
A: 9-12 will be issued devices first then working are way down to 5th grade.

Q: Will device be assigned for entire school year?
A: The devices will be assigned for the entire school year.
Q: Will my child be able to get a replacement device if it breaks or stops working?
A: In the case it stops working we will do the best we can with getting a replacement ASAP. If it is broken you must let the librarian at the child school know so that we can go through the repair process.
Q: What do I do if I can’t get good internet connectivity for my child’s device at home?
A: In most cases the student will be able to come to the closest school and download content. There will be special cases for ones that do not have internet at home.
Q: What do I do if I don’t have a strong enough cell phone signal at my home to support a mobile hotspot for my child’s device?
A: In most cases the student will be able to come to the closest school and download content. There will be special cases for ones that do not have internet at home.

Q: Are there locations at schools where I can park my vehicle, or sit near the building and connect to the MCPS WiFi network?
A: All schools, near the front office, have WiFi capabilities for the students to connect to.

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Special Education

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Q: Will my child go through a health screening at school?
A: The health screening questions will be completed at home, by a parent.  By sending the child to school, you are assuring that you as a parent, have completed the screening questions.

Q: Should I do a health screening on my child before I send/take them to school?
A: Yes, please see answer above and home screenings below. 

Home Screening

Q: Will my child have to wear a mask or face covering?
A: We strongly encourage that all children wear a mask.

Q: Will my child’s temperature be taken at school and how?
A: Yes, every student and staff member will have a temperature check upon arrival to school with a touchless thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be sent home and will need to follow up with their personal health care provider.

Q: Will my child be asked questions about their general health during a health screening?  A: Please see above regarding screening questions.  If your child has a fever, they will be asked questions about their general health for further assessment.

Q: What happens if there is exposure in the school? Will there be required quarantines, closures, etc.?
A: We will work with the local health department and our COVID response team to determine the best course of action.

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Human Resources

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