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Our Students Your Workforce

This event on December 9 from 8:30 am to 11:30 am at First Famers 901 Nashville Hwy is an opportunity for industry and governmental leadership to meet collectively with Maury County Public Schools leadership to plan for the future of Maury County's workforce. Information will be shared regarding the initiatives being brought forth in MCPS from the Innovative Schools Model funding, as well as the drive to make Maury County an ACT Work Ready Community. Join us as we all collaborate to make our district and its students the pipeline for employment in all areas of Maury County! Your input is valued and needed!

The guest speaker, Montgomery Hinton, is a twenty-nine-year veteran of teaching; Mr. Hinton brings a diverse background, starting with his distinguishable college education and spanning into a sundry of teaching experiences breaching multiple genres at the high school level. He is and has been in charge of creating a culture of college and career success for students across a range of avenues, including but not limited to ACT, ACT Workkeys, ASVAB, SAT, and PSAT. Having coached a wide variety of sports as well as teaching across a multitude of genres at the high school level, Mr. Hinton provides a unique approach to student engagement and enrichment that has seen consistent results at the student level, teacher level, school-wide level, and the district level. This diverse teaching background has allowed him to create avenues for high achievement for all learners.

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Our Students, Your Workfoce