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Youth Education Foundation

The Youth Educational Foundation (YEF) was founded in 2013 with a purpose of raising and distributing funds within Maury County to create opportunities for youth that inspire dreams, develop passion, and shape the future leaders of our community.

Since its inception, YEF has provided funds for several organizations. In the past few years, YEF has grown and shifted focus to offer “mini-grants” to teachers and counselors within the school system in Maury County. Some examples include social-emotional learning programs, reading and science clubs, electric vehicle teams, and student ambassador programs. 

We encourage educators who have creative ideas for programs or projects that are outside the normal classroom activities to apply for a YEF-mini grant! On our website, you will find descriptions of past projects we’ve funded, an overview of what we consider for funding and what we do not, and the application for the upcoming funding cycle.

We accept applications year-round and award funding twice a year, in September and January. You can apply online any time at (Deadlines for review are August 30, 2023, and January 12, 2024). Please submit your application online at by Wednesday, August 30 to be considered for September funding.

Visit to learn more.