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IMPACT Initiative Grant

Tyler Brown from SHHSMCPS was fortunate to be one of the five school districts included in the Lipscomb University IMPACT Initiative Grant.  It will allow 16 educators per district over five years to complete their Master of Education in school counseling paid for by the grant.  Tyler Brown from Spring Hill High School is a candidate for Year 1 in the program and is the March Star of the Month.  

"I have coached basketball for 16 years and been a graduation coach for 4 of those years. These roles have taught me how to develop good relationships with students. I really believe that by combining my experiences and the knowledge I am getting through this program, I am going to be able to help reach more students and support their mental health needs."— TYLER BROWN


Tyler Brown works as a teacher and graduation coach at Spring Hill High School in Spring Hill, TN. Tyler's experience being a graduation coach allowed him to work closely with the school counseling office. He enjoyed being able to meet with students to make an impact in their life and academic journey. He was very excited to receive the grant because it provided him an opportunity to get his master's degree and become a school counselor himself.

Brown currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. His ability to further his education through this program has allowed him to apply the skills and techniques to better support his day to day interactions with students. Outside of work, Brown enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and coaching basketball.

This grant allows over five school districts to continue to increase the pipeline of mental health workers. For questions about the School Counseling Program, contact 

Contact: Jack Cobb