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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

School Safety Coordinator, Jonathan Barry
(931) 388-8403 ext. 8104

The Safety and Security Department was established to work with schools and the district office to improve safety for students, employees, and visitors. Using the all-hazards approach, the department helps develop, establish and enforce safety and security policies, accident prevention efforts, fire safety, emergency management, asset protection, parking control, and traffic enforcement programs. Through a partnership with the Maury County Sheriff's Office, each of the Maury County schools have School Resource Officers (SRO) in the building. The School Resource Officers promote a better understanding of our laws, why they were enacted, and their benefits. SROs provide a visible and positive image for law enforcement. SROs serve as a confidential source of counseling for students concerning problems they face. SRO's bring expertise into schools that will help young people make positive choices in their lives. SROs also work to protect the school environment and to maintain an atmosphere where teachers feel safe teaching and students feel safe learning. To learn more about School Resource Officers, please visit the National Association of School Resource Officers link provided.

Safety Terms for Parents

Lockdown - A lockdown is initiated when violence is possible or actively occurring inside a school building. This is an immediate action drill that is used to protect students and staff. Staff members will prepare their classrooms following safety protocol. They will hold in place until law enforcement and/or administration provide guidance.​
No one will be allowed to enter the building.

Shelter-in-place - A shelter-in-place is used to proactively protect students and staff during possible situations that may be occurring in the area and might impact a school building. Some examples of these are extreme weather (severe storms, tornados, etc), law enforcement activity in the area, and hazardous materials incidents. Classes should continue as normal unless otherwise directed by the school administrator.

Evacuation - An evacuation occurs when it is possible the interior of the building is or may become dangerous. This is commonly known as a fire drill. Students and staff are directed to exit the building to a safe area outside. Examples are fire/smoke, gas leak, building instability, and bomb threat.
Inclement Weather Decision-Making Process & FAQ