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Proposed Policies

1.102 Redline Board Members Final Updated

1.201 Duties of Officers Redline

1.400 School Board Meetings Redline

1.805 Use of Electronic Mail Redline

1.901 Charter School Applications Redline

1.8012 Extended School Day Year Programs and School Age Children Redline

3.204 Threat Assessment Team Redline

3.205 Security Redline

3.212 District Water Testing Redline

3.220 Access to Private Facilities Redline

4.204 Summer Instructional Programs Redline

4.210 Credit Recovery Redline

4.300 Extracurricular Activities Redline

4.403 Library Materials Redline

4.802 Student Equal Access Redline

5.106 Application and Employment Redline

5.111 Employment of Retirees Redline

5.114 Personnel Records Redline

5.116 Staff Positions Redline

5.300 Short Term Leaves of Absence Redline

5.302 Sick Leave Redline

5.304 Long-Term Leaves of Absence for Professional Personnel Redline

5.305 Family Medical Leave Redline

5.307 Physical Assault Leave Redline

5.400 Health Examinations Communicable Diseases Redline

5.600 Staff Rights and Responsibilities Redline

6.201 Compulsory Attendance Ages Redline

6.202 Home Schools Redline

6.203 School Admissions Redline

6.309 Zero Tolerance Offenses Redline

6.316 Suspension.Expulsion.Remand Redline

6.319 Alternative Education Redline

6.402 Physical Examinations and Immunizations Redline

6.4001 Student Surveys Analyses and Evaluations Redline

1106 Code of Ethics Redline

1402 Notification of Meetings Redline

1404 Appeals and Appearances Before the Board Redline 2

1501 Visitors to Schools Redline

1802 Section 504 and ADA Grievance Procedures Redline

3201 Redline

3202 Emergency Preparedness Plan Redline

3210 Naming or Renaming of School Facilities Redline

4302 Field Trips_Excursions_Competitions Redline

5110 Compensation Guides and Contracts Redline