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MCPS Planning

Maury County Public Schools implements several levels of planning in order to set goals and ensure that all staff are working in alignment with those goals. 

First, the district leadership and the school board create a five-year strategic plan that provides the mission and vision that guides and directs the efforts of the district. This plan is developed with input from all stakeholders and identifies the district's beliefs and goals. The current five-year strategic plan can be found here

Second, with input annually from parents, school administrators, teachers, and district leadership, MCPS develops and implements a district plan. The annual district plan is developed after a thorough needs assessment is completed. The district plan identifies annual goals, strategies, and action steps for the school year. This plan operationalizes the district's broader strategic plan and aligns the mission and vision within the strategic plan. The 2023-2024 MCPS District Plan is available here. 

Finally, each school develops an annual plan that is aligned with the district plan. School plans are developed as a result of a comprehensive needs assessment and collaboration among school leaders, teachers, parents, and community members. Like the district plan, school plans identify annual goals, strategies, and action steps for the school year. 

Questions related to MCPS planning should be directed to the Federal Programs Supervisor.