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Title I

Title I

Title I is a federally-funded grant program that provides school districts with funding to supplement and improve the instructional programs and services offered in the most high-need, at-risk schools. Title I defines high-need, at-risk schools as those with the highest percentage of students eligible for free and reduced price lunch.

The federal programs office reviews free and reduced lunch data annually to determine each school's percentage and then ranks schools accordingly. Those schools with the highest percentage are given priority for participation in Title I. Schools are identified as Title I schools based on grant requirements, district priorities, and funding availability.

Title I Schools in MCPS

The following MCPS schools are Title I schools in the 2023-2024 school year:

JR Baker Elementary
Joseph Brown Elementary
Highland Park Elementary   
Mt. Pleasant Elementary   
Randolph Howell Elementary
Riverside Elementary 
Woodard Elementary 

All Title I schools must administer a Title I program, with Title I funds awarded by the federal programs office. The type of Title I program depends on the percentage of students eligible for free and reduced-price lunch.-

Title I schools with 40% or more free and reduced-price lunch are eligible to implement a Title I schoolwide program. A Title I schoolwide program allows a school to use Title I funds to upgrade the entire instructional program. By affecting the entire instructional program, the overall education of children most at-risk can be positively impacted.

Title I schools with less than 40% free and reduced-price lunch may still be eligible for Title I, but may be required to implement a targeted Title I program rather than a schoolwide program. A targeted Title I program requires the school to utilize funds in support of only a targeted group of students identified as being the most at-risk academically. 

All MCPS Title I schools implement schoolwide programs and use awarded Title I funds to upgrade the entire instructional program of the school.

As part of all Title I programs (schoolwide or targeted), parents and families must be given the opportunity to be actively engaged in their child's education and the Title I program. For more specific information regarding parent and family engagement in MCPS Title I schools, please visit each school's website. Additional parent and family engagement information can also be found on the district's website (Academics>Federal Programs>Parent and Family Engagement).

If you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions about Title I in MCPS, please contact Katrina Davis, Federal Programs Coordinator.  Telephone:  (931) 388-8403  Ext. 8171