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Elementary Schools

Elementary School (10 locations grades K-4)

Elementary Schools hours are 8:15 am to 3:15 pm.
* Mt. Pleasant Elementary hours are 7:45 am to 2:45 pm. 

Baker Elementary School
Principal: Robin Smith

Assistant Principal: Stephen Richardson
Phone: 931-388-3319
Address: 1301 Hampshire Pike, Columbia, TN 38401

Baker Elementary School Facebook

Baker Elementary School Website

Battle Creek Elementary School
Principal: JoAnna Schmidt
Assistant Principal: Nielle Tunia

Phone: 931-487-1300
Address: 165 Battle Creek Way, Spring Hill, TN 37174
Battle Creek Elementary School Facebook
Battle Creek Elementary School Website

Brown Elementary School
Principal: Eric Cannon
Assistant Principal: Stephanie Tinnell

Phone: 931-388-3601
Address: 301 Cord Drive, Columbia, TN 38401
Brown Elementary School Facebook
Brown Elementary School Website

Highland Park Elementary School
Principal: Kelly Myers
Assistant Principal: Alice Hardison

Phone: 931-388-7325
Address: 1606 Highland Avenue, Columbia, TN 38401
Highland Park Elementary School Facebook 
Highland Park Elementary School Website

Howell Elementary STEM School
Principal: Marisa Massey
Assistant Principal: Kristen Morjal

Phone: 931-540-1032
Address: 653 Bear Creek Pike, Columbia, TN 38401
Howell Elementary School Facebook 
Howell Elementary STEM School Website 

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School 
Principal: Julie Tidwell
Assistant Principal: Laura Sandrell

Phone: 931-379-5040
Address: 600 Tiger Trail, Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474
Mt. Pleasant Elementary School Facebook 
Mt. Pleasant Elementary School Website

Riverside Elementary School
Principal: Dr. Breckon Pennell
Assistant Principal: Regina Peery

Phone: 931-840-4422
Address: 203 Carter Street, Columbia, TN 38401
Riverside Elementary School Facebook
Riverside Elementary School Website

Spring Hill Elementary School
Principal: Dr. Renata Powell
Assistant Principal: Charee Riley

Phone: 931-486-2291
Address: 5359 Main Street, Spring Hill, TN 37174
Spring Hill Elementary School Facebook
Spring Hill Elementary School Website

Woodard Elementary School 
Principal: Carol Ann Jent
Assistant Principal: Julie Wolaver

Phone: 931-380-2872
Address: 207 Rutherford Lane, Columbia, TN 38401
Woodard Elementary School Facebook
Woodard Elementary School Website

Wright Elementary School
Principal: April D. Hardison
Assistant Principal: Monica Sandrell

Phone: 931-486-3586
Address: 4714 Derryberry Lane, Spring Hill, TN 37174
Wright Elementary School Facebook 
Wright Elementary School Website

Principals & Assistant Principals