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Paraprofessional Test Links

Paraprofessional Test Links

No Child Left Behind
Important notice for paraprofessionals.

The No Child Left Behind Act requires each school district receiving assistance under Title I to ensure that all paraprofessionals hired after January 8, 2002, and working in a program supported with Title I funds to have completed at least two years of study at an institution of higher education; to have obtained an Associates or higher degree; or meet a rigorous standard of quality and to demonstrate, through a formal state or local assessment, knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing reading, math, or knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing reading readiness, writing readiness, and math readiness as appropriate. We have created links to online practice tests that will help those who choose the test option.

Test Preparation Tips

A study guide is available on the ETS website

S.O.S. Mathematics CyberExam Intermediate Algebra This page is a place for students and educators to check out sample tests, midterm exams, final exams, quizzes, projects, etc.

TAAS Spring 2000 Grade 6 Mathematics Online Test - This test is multiple choice and the site will score it for you when you are through.

TAAS Spring 2000 Grade 6 Reading Online Test - This test is multiple choice and the site will score it for you when you are through.

AAA Math Sixth Grade - Hundreds of pages of Basic math skills. Interactive practice on every page. An Explanation of the math topic on each page. Several Challenge Games on every page. Math Problems are randomly created. If you feel like you need a little brushing up on basic facts, this is a good place to start. 

English-Zone (Grammar) - This outstanding website provides visitors with educational activities, language lessons, and interactive language exercises. It is a good place to start to review the basics.

TASP Practice Test - In addition to the answer key to the tests, you are given guidance on the best test-taking practices.

Addison Wesley Publishers - Numerous online quizzes on math concepts in a multiple-choice format.

Vocabulary Practice Tests - Website Link

Big Chalk - This site has 10 tests on math and reading for five different grade levels. 

The Study Hall - although you have to register at this site, there is no cost for using their materials. The content deals primarily with the SAT. - This site has practice tests for the Pre-SAT and the SAT.

Diagnostic Grammar Test scroll to the bottom of this website to access the online grammar review tests.

9th Grade Math Practice Questions - Website Link

GRE - The sample questions that follow are organized by content category and represent the types of questions included in the general test. Practicing these questions will help you become familiar with the question types you will find on the General Test.